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Our Commitment

Islamic Leadership Institute of America (ILIA) is committed to developing America's youth and young adults based on the teachings of the beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), as revealed in the Holy Quran.

Our Mission

At ILIA we inspire and develop youth to become responsible leaders of the future taking accountability for the needs of their communities; through experiential learning programs, their own self-identified projects, and making meaningful impacts to society. We are here to inspire and develop the next generation of leaders.

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Why are Recurring Donations More Impactful?

Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it, or betray it. -- Frantz Fanon.

No Fees Electronic Donations?

The following methods below incur zero fees, and are recommended for large donations.

Internet Transfers?

PayPal: Choose transfer to a friend at

Venmo: Send to @Islamic-Leadership

Zelle: (email us after the donation, so we can send you a receipt)

Bill Pay?

Mail To

Setup ILIA as a Payee in your Bank's Bill Pay Application, just like you pay your bills. No stamps needed.

Old Fashion Checks?

Mail To

Islamic Leadership Institute of America

PO Box 726 

Clarksville, MD 21029

Make check payable to ILIA, place in envelope, type your email in the memo field, and cell number on the top of your check, add a stamp, and drop in mail, just like those black and white movies.

Zakat Eligible?

ILIA is considered a zakat eligible organization. Read more to learn why giving to ILIA is important and unique.

Donate to Capacity not Patching

A balanced giving approach is crucial to ensure longer-term stability of our communities. Giving should be aligned to the building of Muslim capabilities needed to address longer term priorities of our local communities; and not just limited to only basic food and shelter support. 

To the left are four main domains related to capabilities development of the Muslim community, all of which should be considered by donors when giving.

We all want our donations to have the most impact, only through investing into nonprofits that execute developmental projects like ILIA, and embrace the social investing mindset can that be achieved. 

Gone are the days of donating to patch a problem or plug a leak. It's time to donate into capability building more than ever before.

Eligible Zakat Causes

According to the majority of scholars, and the Assembly of Muslim Jurists of America (AMJA) the nature of work conducted in these four domains above are eligible for zakat. They fall under the categories of orphans, needy, destitute, and in the way of Allah. ILIA's main mission falls in the Education and Youth Development domain. 

Our work serves the building of the Muslim Ummah under the category of "in the way of Allah", students also conduct projects as part of their educational experiences in the Social Services, Media, Public Policy and Human Rights domains as well. Many of our students are eligible zakat recipients due to poverty, being an orphan, homeless, and fall under the categories of zakat above. ILIA also supports low income families who are behind on rent, have lost income or going through calamities.

We invite you to support at least 25% of your giving this year to ILIA to continue our youth development programs. 


Tax Deductible?

ILIA is a 501c(3) tax exempt non-profit charitable and educational organization. All donations are tax deductible and donors shall receive annual letters of donation.

Tax Documents

Donation Receipts

Receipts for your donation are sent automatically when you make a contribution online on one of our platforms. Receipts for checks as well as all online donations are sent at the end of the calendar year between Jan 1 and Jan 31st of the following year; as well as at the end of each calendar month after the 15th of the month following the month in which the donation was received.

Please make sure to always include your email address on any checks mailed to ILIA to receive your donation receipt. We do not mail out paper receipts except in January, and only to donors who have no email address on file.

Employer Matching?

Yes, ILIA is eligible to receive donations from employers who offering matching. Read below to learn more.

Matching Details

Check with your employer's human resources office to find out if they match donations made by their employees. ILIA has received several matching donations, and the likelihood that your organization matches is high, if you work for a publicly traded company or mid-size business.

Below is some information that your employer might need

What Can I Donate?

ILIA receives more than cash. Read below to learn more.

Items Accepted at ILIA

Besides donating by credit card, check or cash, ILIA can also accept the following donations. Please email us at for details, unless there is a link below.

Give Your Car?

We will pick up at no cost or effort to you. Just have the title and keys ready.

Your Impact

Every dollar counts. Never underestimate what a contribution can do. From empowering teens to saving lives.

Donation Uses

The work of ILIA is essential in developing communities across America. Our services are listed in the image to the right. Donations primarily go towards the following causes:


H. Ibrahim

"It feels good to help others get the help I once needed"  

--  17 years old EmpowerOne student

H. Mohammed

"It helped me because when I came to the United States, the dorm helped me with a place to stay, and I made connections with responsible people" 

-- 30 year old ILIA Dorm resident

M. Arafa

"It saved me from being homeless; I have ADHD and ODD and unable to live with my parents" 

-- 19 year old ILIA Dorm resident

C. Parr

"Your ideas for [Leadership Development] are excellent"  

--  Community Leader on EmpowerOne panel review

A. Karam

"I learned its not easy to start a project and learned how to organize my work and manage it, and how project management relates to Islam" 

        -- 15 years old Youth Project Management student

S. Porter

"What you are doing is Tikkun Olam, repairing the World." 

-- EmpowerOne Wazir attendee.

Amir. A

"Honestly, it has helped so much with life"  

--  17 year old Halal Yeah student

Kori M.

"Kori really enjoyed herself, especially the hiking. I asked her if she would have gone without a friend that she already knew. She said she would have. THAT is definitely a compliment coming from her!

        -- Father of 12 year old Youth Leadership Certificate student

M. Adams

"And when it comes to Islam, I am out of my depth. They teach us the fundamentals of the Jewish religion, but not Islam. It should be part of American culture to at least know the basics... maybe we can change that" 

-- M. Adams, Christian mother of 18 yr old Muslim I Can Lead Student

Student Projects' Active Campaigns

Address Hunger

Donate Here to support Safar Food Drive

Promote Wellness

Donate Here to support Youth Crisis Line

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